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Change WebUI Page Title


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I wish to edit the files within webui.zip in order to change where it says "uTorrent WebUI v0.315" or whatever, to something like "PC WebUI".

This is because i've got multiple WebUI's running at the same time quite often, and it'd be nice to see immediately which was which. Ie, laptop, pc, work, or whatever.

I've looked into editing "index.html" but the <title></title> tag is blank, and entering stuff into it doesn't change anything.

Does anyone know how to change this? Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks for replying; i have no idea about scripting; i only know a small amount of HTML. Since the <title> tag was empty, i couldn't think of what to search for in the script files. I expected to see at least a variable or something where the title should have been.

Anyway, since reading your post, i searched for "title" in all the script files, and there are a few instances. Rummaging through them, i discovered that i must open script.js and replace this line:

document.title="\xb5Torrent WebUI v"+version;


document.title="Home WebUI";


One other quick problem i had, after doing this, was that it didn't seem to update over the LAN until i went to the machine running WebUI, and accessed it via "localhost:port/gui" rather than my dynamic dns address from no-ip.com.

Thought i'd share that in case others are having this problem...

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