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I can't figure out what's blocking the port


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Linksys router with Tomoato 1.21 firmware.

Windows Vista Business 64bit

I've got the yellow icon. Here's what I've tried in order.

1. forwarded the proper port to my internal IP address

2. stuck myself in the DMZ

3. turned off windows firewall

4. removed the router from the equation totally, and plugged directly into the modem

Still the port is blocked according to the handy utility on this website and the icon remains yellow.

I'm using the latest version of AVG Free for a virus scanner, which I'm pretty sure doesn't have its own firewall software.

I've never had a problem with port forwarding before, but I moved to the boonies a year ago and went without internet access until about a month ago when I signed up for wireless internet with an ISP that I have no previous experience with.

What could I be missing? Could my ISP be blocking the ports?

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"Wireless ISPs tend to put you behind a LAN. You don't get a real IP, so you can never forward."

Is there a way to test this? I have a new wireless ISP - mobi. I don't use a router on my end. I don't think my utorrent indicator started out (a few days ago) with the red icon, but I haven't seen anything other than red or yellow for most of the time I've had the wireless ISP. Still, OpenOffice comes in at maybe 130kbps - is there a reason that wouldn't be an indication of 'real' speed?

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Ultima -

"my router?" I don't have a router (see my post above). I thought you were talking about somehow checking a router on the /ISP's/ end. I have an EV-DO wireless connection - nothing more...except that red icon...

I definitely didn't have the red icon before, with my Sprint EV-DO (cardbus air card), but that had to go back in order for me to go with a USB-connection air card.

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Well, for whatever reason, this 'red icon' thing is new - I've had /only/ a wireless connection for about 10 months now (it was a Sprint EV-DO until three days ago). Only since starting the new wireless (Mobi) service have I had the red icon.

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just checking in again on this - seems my downloads have become wildly irregular in speed. Same cheap-ass connection as before: I have an EV-DO (wireless) connection that turns out not to give me a real IP address. So is there no way to improve performance without changing isp?

To illustrate, I see one popular download with a swarm of seeds that looks like this:


So... there are 7797 or so potential connections there, and yet I get.../none/? I don't get it. Some much-smaller swarms will give me tolerable d/l speed. What's the download-speed:swarm-size relationship based on, or am I oversimplifying or misunderstanding this?

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Seeds Peers

0(8062) and 2(4621) currently.

Status is [F]Downloading. I have an intermittent download speed of 0.1kB/s, usually 0kB/s. Yet somehow I do have 75% of this 800MB file downloaded, from irregular connection since 10/24, so it wasn't always this slow. All my downloads seem to go through this weird speed variation or inconsistency.

<bump...nothing new here?>

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