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slow upload ratio


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Ive done several speed tests,I got

6655 k/bs download and 467 k/bs upload,

Ive reached over 500 k/Bs a few times,adverage 100-200 k/Bs,

uploads very seldom go over 20 k/Bs.,50ish tops.

Why am I not able to seed my own torrents ive created at more then 20 k/Bs?

Ive been able to share 10 or so files of my own today,but it took a while,

Even if I set a torrent to 1 or 2 slots,then seldom go over 10 k/Bs.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Switeck,

Ive set Utorrent to your specs.

I have a green icon,sometimes it turns yellow but not often.

Something isnt right though,for even the torrent I'm downloading now hit 300k/Bs download,it has 17 seeds and 115 peers,but it hasn't went over 45k/Bs since.

Could be just the seeders.

Just checked it,since ive used your settings its hitting 100 k/Bs down,but the icon next to the torrent (the arrow) turned red,then back to green.

Im going to create a new torrent,and see what kinda upload speed I can get off it.

Im assuming with my connection speed,I should be able to upload at least 50 k/Bs

Thanks again for your help

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Download is by its nature unpredictable...but upload should be running at or very close to your set max.

Generally though, with good settings, download speeds typically should be closer or above upload speeds. Only on a torrent with either no or very few seeds should this not be the case...and then only when you download basically everything the other peers all have. :P

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