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"Don't Download" - Removing Partially Downloaded Files


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I am using version 1.3.

I am downloading one torrent which consists of many separate files. After a while, I decided to stop the download on some of those files by marking them as "Don't Download" (ie Skipped).

However, I noticed that according to XP, these skipped files seem to be still taking up space. Is there any way these fils can be removed by utorrent since it is taking up unnecessary space?

Or do I need to manually delete them off one by one, which I am reluctant to do since that would make room for human error?

Your advice, guys?

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Fair 'nough. Thank you for your advice.

I will proceed to delete the files which I am sure I will not want, force a re-check and download the pieces necessary to fill up any gaps.

Thanks again.

I did what I said I would do. Deleted the files I did not want and forced a re-check. But how come the re-check states that some of the existing files that was originally 100% now becomes partially completed?

Let's put it this way, 10 files and utorrent says all files have been completed 100% except #3 and #5. I mark #3 and #5 as skip and delete them off, and subsequently force a re-check. utorrent would now indicate, perhaps, #1 as 73% completed, #2 100% completed, #3 0% competed, #4 80% completed, and so on ...

So are the files #1, #2, #4, and #6-#10 complete, since at first it was completed then marked as uncomplete after the forced re-check even though nothing has been done to those files?

The enlightenment by you kind gentlemen is sought.

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