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complete download in 5 seconds


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I have 1.8 and allso allways seed on my own and a few minutes ago opted for a 32 meg file which normally takes a few minutes. BUT my two others one seeding one downloading all stopped and all seeders/ and peers went to zero My pc went slightly haywire - everything slowing down - within say five or six seconds it seemed ok but i still had to stop and start utorrent I was stunned for a little while the first to start was my brand new download-sidelining all the seeders (normal) and uploading At first i couldn't believe it must be a record press the download and allmost immediately seed it- God it's FANTASTIC cos there's this 60 gig i wanna get but been putting it off so anyone EXPLAIN and you can't so utorrent you wanna check it out -imagine immediate downloads the coupe of the century

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