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uTorrent Issues


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Yeah, I got utorrent a while ago, and I wasnt using it for anything but IRC channels and such, but then I was trying to Download a game from its official site, and it brought up utorrent for some reason, and when it did there was a bar at the bottom that said something about it being finished, but the completion % was still at 0.

Now I'm not particularly tech-inclined, and I'm not to sure of what I did, but I clicked something (I Forget) and closed out of utorrent, and for some reason, like almost all of my desktop icons were changed to the utorrent one, and then I thought (Hm..maybe if I uninstall it then it will fix it > > Bare with me I'm kinda not so tech savvy.), so I did, and then all of the icons turned completely blank, and I was unable to use any of them unless I selected them through my default files.

Yeah I don't really know what went on there, but any advice is much appreciated.

~Really frustrated.

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