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Updated Utorrent and wont let me dl new files?


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ok so i use uTorrent ALL the time. an ive never had a problem.

i was downloading an album and it offered to update it.

so i did

and then the file kept downloading and still is with good speed

but when i try to add a new file like the old version of Utorrent allowed me to this sayd that Uttorent is running but not responding. please close running files and try again.

or somehing like that.

the old one let me run multiple. why does this not?


ok update on this post...

so the download finished. and i closed it afterwards.

and when i try to download something again it gives me the same post of

""it seems like uTorrent is already running, but not responding""

"please close all uTorrent processes and try again""


please and thank you in advanced for your help


Update again

so i redownloaded utorrent twice.

it must have been missing a file or was interupted because its working now

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