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something about "Move completed downloads to" feature,maybe bug?


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when i set a destination directory in "Move completed downloads to",for example c:\dest,

if i download a torrent file include tvshows\20080810.rm,but in c:\dest there already has a directory named tvshows(c:\dest\tvshows\)

the new downloaded file 20080810.rm will not move into c:\dest\tvshows\

tested with stable and latest build11962 beta

sorry for my english,hope you can understand

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no,i set a new download directory like c:\BT_TEMP\

All options are ticked in "Location of Downloaded Files"

whatever i choosen "only move from default download folder" or not, the result is the same

but if it's a new directory in c:\dest,the downloaded file will move into c:\dest

(if i delete c:\dest\tvshows dir,the downloaded file will move to c:\dest\tvshows\20080810.rm )


µTorrent 1.8.1 Build 11962 Beta still has this problem

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