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Kindly help me


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Hi Friends !

Just wanted to request for some advice / help - Kindly guide me

When I minimize utorrent, it disappears to the bottom right corner of the screen (kindly excuse me but I dont know what that area of the desktop is called) - but a few of my friends who regularly use my PC for browsing the internet find the minimized icon and close it.

Is there any possibility that I can hide the minimized icon from the bottom-right corner also ? So that my friends cant close or stop my downloads ?

Kindly advice / guide me Friends, it will be a great help.

Thanks a lot !



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The bottom right corner of the screen is called the "System Tray" or

(according to Wikipedia) "Notification Area".

Just in case you did not manage to hide that icon, here's what you need:

Open µTorrent's "Preferences" window (in the "Options" menu) and, in the "General" section,

choose a "boss-key". That's a combination of keys, for example CTRL + ALT + U.

After choosing a boss-key, press the "OK" button. Now minimize the µTorrent window and press the

combination of keys you just chose as your boss-key. It should make the icon disappear,

without closing µTorrent. To make the icon reappear just press the boss-key again.

If you somehow forget the boss-key, you can make the µTorrent

window appear by starting µTorrent again. This won't start another

copy of µTorrent, it will just activate the one already running.

I hope this helps you, nagukush.

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