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Default categories based on torrent's status


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Hi... I've been using utorrent a few years now both under Windows and Linux, and just love it. specially when categories were added. But now, I would like to propose a change with the default categories (shown at the top): use the torrent status as a Category Name. This will make identifying torrents easier instead of grouping torrents with different status together, although we still need to keep at least the Active category in order to see which torrents are exchanging data. The Inactive category could be dropped. Also, some torrent status like "Checking", which are "rare" and "temporary" can be "hidden" unless there are torrents in this state.

Whenever the status of a torrent is set to "Finished", its understood that the seeding goal has been reached. With the new categories set to the torrent status, identifying these torrents will be really easy. But now, the only thing left to do is either change the torrent's seeding goals and restart it, remove it from this list, or just leave it in the "Finished" state. I propose a new status called "Archived" so that whenever the torrent has finished, the torrent could be placed in this state where a new rule/condition could be added that if ever a torrent that is archived, and a new advanced property: "bt.scrape_archived" is set to true (could be false by default), and there are no seeds for this torrent, but there are active peers, the torrent could be reactivated by changing the torrent's status from "Archived" to "Seeding Special" or some other status to indicate this special case only after checking that all the pieces are still available and a hash-check is performed. Seeding of these torrents could be conditional until there are other seeds (value set by user, 2 by default) available. If the data is not available, or the hash-check fails, then the status for this torrent could be changed to "Requested" in order to let the user know that the torrent that he has already downloaded, and probably archived somewhere else, is requested, thus reviving an old torrent "easier". Also, if the data of an archived/ requested torrent is no longer available, the user could be given the choice of either remove it from the list or download the data again using the torrent info.

All of these new statuses "Archived," "Requested," and "Seeding Special" could also be hidden if the list is empty, therefore not cluttering the display.

I understand that there are several feature requests here, but they are all kinda related and interdependent... :)

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