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Can't Seed Only Download Connection Block might be block with router and firewall.

I just got a D-Link Dir 655 and I'm using Kaspersky Internet Secuirity I have every thing Ported but all I get is the yellow Icon in utorrent 1.7.7 Plus a Error message " Error Opening Windows Firewall 0x800706D9"

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ComCast disrupts BitTorrent traffic while seeding.

You'll barely be able to seed any even with "stealthiest" settings in uTorrent:

highest encryption settings (FORCED, no legacy)

Turn off DHT (both kinds).

Disable Local Peer Discovery. (next to DHT)

Disable Resolve IPs under the Peers Window. (That's expensive window-dressing considering it doesn't help download+upload speeds any.)

Reduce half open connection max to maybe 1-4. (You're not firewalled in µTorrent, right? ...so it shouldn't hurt as much as you might think!)

Disable resolve country flags in advanced.

www.portforward.com for your router.

If you've manually port forwarded your router, Disable UPnP in µTorrent.

2nd link in my signature gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

NOTE: Max sustainable UPLOAD speed is far less than max download speed for most connections.

Do note that ComCast's SpeedBoost causes speed tests to be HIGHER than your real, sustainable down/up values! You probably only have 1-2 megabits/second upload. (2 for upper-end tier, 1 for low.)

You may need to test with Kaspersky Internet Secuirity uninstalled (maybe with Windows firewall enabled).

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