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Different limits for internal and external peers


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I am from Bucharest, Romania and my ISP is RDS (Romanian Data System), witch is one of the most important ISPs in my country.

I have my internet speed limited to 50 Mbs internally and 4 Mbps externally, withch is a hudge difference. This means that with most of the peers from Romania i can have up to 50 Mbps traffic, but with peers from any other country, the traffic is limited to only 4 Mbps.

I need to limit in my uTorrent client the upload speed only to peers outside RDS. On the 'Peers' tab, when 'Resolve IPs' is enabled, the prefix rdsnet.ro is added to peers from RDS network, so automatic recognition of RDS peers shouldn't be a problem.

I know that i can manually limit speeds for each torrent, but i need somehow a global limit that doesn't affect peers from RDS ISP.

I am sure that many ISP around the world offer services like this: a certain speed for internal traffic, and a much slower speed for external traffic, so I am confident that the solution to this problem would benefit many who use uTorrent.

Thank you in advance.

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uTorrent will have to be totally rewritten "from the ground up" to accomplish that in full. :(

It'd have to act like 2 separate file-sharing programs, yet keep track of what each other is doing so as not to try to do the same thing twice.

Does your 4 mbps external limit count against your 50 mbps internal limit? ...So if you were maxed out at 4 mbps externally you could only download 46 mbps internally?

Is your upload and download symmetric for both internal and external.

(I'd be shocked to hear external is 4 mbps upload!)

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The internal and external limits work independent of each other:

I can use 4 mbps external and still use all 50 mbps internally.

The sum of download and upload on external can't extend 4 mbs

The sum of download and upload on internal can't extend 50 mbps

So, yes, externally I can theoretically upload at max 4 mbps (and this only if i am not downloading on external), but practically i tested it at around 3 mbs.

So my problem is obvious

- if I leave no upload limit on uTorrent the upload on external tends to go up to 3 mbps, leaving only 1 mbps for download on external.

- if I set the global upload limit to 1 or 2 mbps, it is ok for external traffic as it leaves 2-3 mbs for download, but also limits the internal upload, witch I need it to be around 20-30 mbps, or even unlimited.

If I had only 2-3 few torrents, i guess I could manually set the limit for each torrent, but I have up to 10-20 active torrents at a time, and some have both peers from RDS and from outside RDS.

I am sorry to hear the solution would be so complicated. I imagined it much more simpler. Nevertheless thank you for your response.

One more thing: I have one dilemma: what settings should I use for the speed guide: the ones for 5 mbps or the ones for 50 mbps? ( It's a big leap :D )

P.S. I hope I didn't cause any confusion: all of my speeds are measured in megabits per second, NOT megabytes per second. So 4 mbps = 500 kBps

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Use the lower settings of 2 megabits/second UPLOAD max.

...And see if Local Peer Discovery counts others on the same ISP as you as "local".

There is essentially NO reason to have lots of connections beyond what I recommend for 2 megabits/second upload in your case because even if/when you DO find local peers...you won't find 100's of them.

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