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Files missing from torrent , please recheck


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Ok now bear with me for a second this may have been spoken about before,

i couldnt find a solution on here and ended up fixing it myself

What happened was i was downloading a list of music files in a torrent,

and one of them had completed, so i opened it, while the torrent was still running, which was all good. and it played and the torrent continued about its business without worry.

When i put it into a playlist in my itunes, my windows automatically moves and places the actual file into folders of artist>album>songs in my chosen location. this caused the file to be missing from the torrent which caused the torrent to stop. It also removed the Prefix from the file so it wasnt the same as the others anymore.

example. -1-example.exe was changed to just example.exe

To fix it ,, i cut it, pasted back in the torrent directory and renamed it with the same prefix as the others, then refreshed the folder and it was back in its correct position.

I was then able to start the torrent again from where it stopped.

I hope this helps in some way.. if not i apologise for wasting time/space.

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