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Utorrent stops my internet browsing! Hogs bandwidth


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the last couple of months whenever I have torrents running in utorrent my internet browser cannot get through to webpages and will eventually time out.

it's got worse to the extent that I can't use utorrent now.

if i then stop all my torrents, about 5 minutes later i will be able to browse again.

i should also mention that i am able to ping websites in cmd whilst i am downloading torrents, even when the browser can't get through.

i've been using utorrent for agesss and have always had great speeds as well, sometimes entering multiple hundreds (depending on the torrent). but now nothing really looks like it's going above 20 or so. - so it's strange to think that it is hogging bandwidth!

i don't know if it's the new utorrent, or lost settings when i formatted my computer.. but it shouldn't be this bad surely.

perhaps i should enter new preferences and settings, what's suggested?

all help really appreciated, thankss


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