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Seeding and queued seed


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I have some questions about seeding more torrents than the maximum set in the queueing options.

Suppose I have set the maximum number of active torrents to 2 and I have 10 torrents I want to seed. If I start them all, 2 get the "Seeding" status, while 8 are "Queued Seed". This is as expected.

If those 2 stay inactive for a while, more torrents become "Seeding" until 2 are active. Still expected.

But... If, for example, the 6th and 7th torrent are the ones that become active, the 1st to 5th are still seeding. Needlessly, I suppose, since the maximum is already reached. Shouldn't they go back to "Queued Seed"?

I'm using 1.8 build 11813.

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