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Proxy settings not being used?


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Maybe I'm misunderstanding how "Proxy Connections" work.

I go to "Options" -> "Preferences" -> "Connection", then in the "Proxy Server" section, I put in Type: Socks 5, Proxy:, Port: 8118, Authentication is unchecked, and "Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections" **is** checked.

I run a separate Proxy application that accepts connections on port 8118. This proxy application allows multiple external Socks proxies to be used. It appears to work fine. When uTorrent is running, the application shows the connections and other activity.

However, just to test things, I left uTorrent running when downloading, and I **closed** the proxy application.

My network traffic from uTorrent was **unchanged**. Data was still downloading as fast as it was when the proxy application was running.

When I re-started the proxy application, it again showed activity. If I close uTorrent, the activity stops.

I would think that if the proxy application is closed, this is equivalent to the proxy server being down and the data streams from uTorrent should **stop**.

Why does it keep going? Am I misunderstanding how "Proxy Server" works with uTorrent? Or is this a bug?

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So to be clear, disabling the proxy during the middle of transfers won't stop the download because µTorrent only uses it as a middleman. If another peer happens to somehow know your real IP and current port, then you'll continue to establish new connections. If there are already connections open, disabling the proxy won't cut the connections -- it just means you can't establish new outgoing connections through the proxy.

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