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Moved Headers - Strange display


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I am currently using the latest versions of Utorrent and WebUI.

I have Firefox V2.0.0.16.

I have been using the WebGui for a while. Recently I decided to change the order of some of the columns.

Now, All the information below is strange...

For example -

Download Speed shows 13772.2%

ETA - 166.7kB

Seeds - NaN.000

There are a number of other incorrect values

Is there anywhere I can delete the cache and have all this info default back to normal? I did try the browser settings, but this didn't seem to help.


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So... WebUI v0.361? I noticed the same issue in private testing builds of WebUI, but Directrix has since fixed it, so I'm not really sure why you're still seeing them.

Can you please reset your WebUI settings by visiting


In your browser, then provide us with the exact steps to reproducing the issue? Thanks.

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