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uTorrent 1.8.x slows down the whole system after 15-20 minutes.


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Mkay.. bare with me here... Since I upgraded to 1.8.x when way back when it was announced I have been having this issues with extreme system slowdowns. I have disabled firewall/antivirus but it still happens.

it's not my internet connection that slows down and it's not the load of it that slows the system down either. I can start uTorrent and get 10MB/sec upr or down after a few mins when things initialized. And even when I download at 10MB/s or send 10MB/s (100/100MBit connection) my system is fast and responsive. But after like 15-25 minutes it all goes nuts. Moving windows is slow, refreshing windows is slow, typing text is slow. Everything is slow. Painfully slow.

I have installed Process Explorer but can't see anything weird. uTorrent is under 100MB in memory use and i have 80-90% idle on the CPU's. No odd or abnormal interrupts/DPC's in process explorer.

When i shut uTorrent down after this extreme slowdowns the system revocers after a few minutes. But it's not instant. Can take prolly up to five mins before the system feels responsive again.

Disks are confed according to: http://www.irry.com/neo/bilder/temp/nf250tmode.jpg

Do anyone have a clue about what's causing this? Pretty unusable as it is now. =(

Thanks in advance.

(System is AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core proc 4200+ @ 2.2Ghz, 2GB ram, WinXp 64bit)

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