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very slow download speed with wireless broadband provider


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I've got a 3 mbit broadband connection.

At the moment my max upload speed averages at about30k

My down speed is about 25k.

I have my settings as follows.

Maximum upload rate 47

Maximum download 150

global maximum number of connections 100

maximum number of connection per torrent 40

number of upload slots per torrent 4

I think I read that If your isp is wireless then youre permantently firewalled.

Despite this is there anything I can do to improve my down speed setting wise?



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Hmm.. yes on a wireless broadband you usually don't have a real IP, even past the router they give you. To test I would say start > run > cmd /k tracert forum.utorrent.com .. that will tell you where your packets go between you and this site. Usually you first see then possibly (which would be the ISP's router) then various points between you and staminus.net (uTorrent's host).

Also to test the speeds, with 30 up, have you used the XX/256 setting in CTRL-G? The upload rate @ 47 is OK as long as you've seen that as a SUSTAINED speed before. 100 total connections is good, lower is better in your case. My only other question would be how many torrents are the Queueing settings set for?

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