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Slow Download Speeds


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Hi, I've been using uTorrent for a while. Gradually the speed pretty much diminished! My broadband speed is 6948/364 kbps. I have been reading around for a while so maybe its no surprise that I've got bad speeds since I am using Vista, with Talktalk (bad ISP for BT) and using a belkin router (crap router).

What would be the best settings to use to get the optimum performance??


*update* Ok I was reading and thinking a lot! I lowered global connections to 100 but the download speeds did not increase. I know Belkin router is crap so what I did was stopped all my uploads temporarily because this was causing UDP flooding of the router. Now I reach speeds of 358kB/s and up! So instead of for example trying to download 2 files and upload 10+ or so you only download and upload 2 files which the belkin router can handle. Also you can read the security log in the belkin router which can tell you if you are flooding it.

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem to mine.

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DISABLE: UPnP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

Lower net.max_halfopen to only 4. (Constantly making 4 new connections outgoing at once should be enough!)

Choose FORCED encryption outgoing, and disable legacy (unencrypted) connections incoming.

Choose 384 kilobits/second upload settings from 2nd link in my signature.

After all that, reduce Global max connections to only 60 and per torrent connections to 30.

That should eliminate UDP packets from uTorrent. You only need to port forward TCP this way.

It should also be a little harder for your ISP to detect and throttle uTorrent...though they may be throttling so aggressively that they throttle unknown (encrypted) traffic anyway. :(

60 connection max is all your router is rated for. :(

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