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Cannot forward my port


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I've tried and tried to forward my ports for utorrent, but it never works, it always gives me the yellow triangle and replies with an error when i test to see if its forwarded properly. I'm using a router and a modem (i think modem has a second firewall or something) which may be part of the problem.

router: Dell TrueMobile-2300

modem: ZyXel Prestige 623ME-I

port i want to forward: 63282

In the past i tried to forward just through the router (followed the guide on portforward.com) and the port to be forwarded shows up on a list. - but still isn't forwarded.

Recently i read a guide on portforward which talks about 2 routers, so i thought this might be the problem. I forwarded the port from my modem to my router's ip (I selected NAT option and added the port there) and then i had to forward the port from the router to my pc. When i did that the port didn't show up on the list, so i tried again, but it still wouldn't show up.

Right now im really confuzed and frustrated so any help would be much appreciated! =)

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You may be able to bridge your modem, if the connection type is PPPoA though then you need to see if your router lets you use PPPoA/PPPoE and enable it. If you have a login and pass on the modem listed under PPPoA, that needs to be entered in the routers PPPoA/PPPoE section as well.

Regarding option two, this may help: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/network/p57205/en/ex_confg/ex_netwk.htm

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Thank you all for your help even though i never quite understood it, but you pushed me in the right direction with PPPoE and bridging.... :)

in the end the only thing(s) i changed were:

on the modem: protocol to modem instead of PPPoE modem

on the router: connection type to DSL (PPPoE) and entered my ISP username and password. Before it was cable modem.

I then forwarded the port (which is now different from what it was) on the routers page, submitted and restarted the router.

now when i test the port it says OK! :) also the webui works from outside my home wifi.

this thread can be closed if they get closed on this forum :/

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