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Port Forwarding utorrent behind 2 routers


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Hi guys, I need help in port forwarding utorrent through 2 routers. I have the following settings:

1MB ADSL, 256 Upload

1 - Modem\Router Thompson Speedtouch 510v6 :

2 - Router Dlink DIR 300 :

3 - My Computer : DHCP IP not a Static IP yet

first of all my computer is connected to my Dlink router & the dlink router is connected to Thompson Speedtouch router. then to the internet.

I installed utorrent, choosed a port enabled UPnP & NAP-Port Mapping

Then I accessed The Dlink router & enabled UPnP, then I accessed Modem & also enabled UPnP.

I waited up to 30 min, it turned green couple of times, but each time it turnd green i tested it through speed guide, & it gave me ,

Error! Port 61886 does not appear to be open.

I changed the port & the same thing still happened.

now what should I do ??

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should I get a static IP ?

I allready have a static IP for the Dlink router in the Modem

But should I have a Static IP for my computer from the DLink router

I put the range of the HDCP from 10-11, & set the time for 2yrs till the IPs change.

(The Default range was from 100 - 199) I manually changed it from (10-11)

I have a wireless laptop that I use & my own computer so it is like

1 - Modem/Router: (DHCP is enabled)

it have inside it Dlink Router: (static IP)

2 - Dlink Router : (DHCP is enabled & ranged from 10-11 to 2yrs)

I have inside it : My Comp & my Laptop

I turned the laptop off & restarted my computer & the IPs remained the same didn't change from 10 to 11.

So should I set a static IP for it. or it is good this way

1st Edited : I just got the red light :(

2nd Edited Again : u said I should disable UPnP, were should I disable it in my

modem \ router \ utorrent ???

3rd Edit : sorry

ok another update. this one is huge

ok, I have managed to change my Dlink into a WAP (Access Point)

now everything is changed, my modem is now the router as well, So now i have to port forward utorrent on the modem right, I did so but the yellow light is still on. I allready have aquired a static IP for my PC (outside the modem DHCP range 64 - 253)

The Dlink router is now the WAP with IP

& the Laptop have a DHCP IP

All nat/firewall/UPnP/QoS etc..... options on the Dlink router are now grayed

The laptop internet is fine & working with DHCP , I wont give it a static IP.

but what should i do now concerning the Speedtouch Modem & my computer ?

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I'm using utorrent on the desktop. what do u mean what is the setup of my network ??? didn't i explain enough ? please clarify more so I can understand.

but for the recored my internet is ADSL 1MB down & 256 UP , my ISP is Cyberia www.thisiscyberia.com & Im in lebanon.

my modem is a Speedtouch 510v6 & my router is Dlink 300.

I managed to do as u said & changed the Dlink Router to a WAP, I'm running utorrent on my Desktop (windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64bit)

The internet is working on both computers, my desktop now have a static IP that never changes. in the Modem (Speedtouch)

I still have UPnp & NAT-PMP & randomize port enabled in utorrent, my settings in the Dlink router all are gray (due to it becoming a WAP)

& in my Modem (Speedtouch) I still have UPnP on, & I didn't forward any port manually my self yet.

and I am getting the red ligt right now.

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