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New User - Help Required.


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Hi everyone,

Apologies in advance if my posting has been on here a million and one times before but I need help.

Recently I have installed uTorrent but I need help with its configuration in order to obtain the best download speeds.

I have tested my broadband on a BBC tester and it downloads at 968kbps and uploads at 124kbps.

Can someone please tell me how to configure my preferences in baby language as all the posting I come across really speak another language, I just don't get it.

Can you tell me what I would need to do to the preferences in order to get the best speed. My port also is open and the tests successful.

At the moment, the bottom is saying D: 0.1kb/s T: 6.6MB then further right - U: 0.1 kb/s T: 8.0 MB.

Please help me! Thanks in advance, Scott!

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