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Download speed drops, then goes back to normal.


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Since yesterday, I'm experiencing a strange problem with torrent downloads.

I have a 2 mbps channel, so my usual download speed is around ~200 kb\s. Yesterday, it dropped dramatically - most torrents couldn't get above 30 kb\s, test torrents provided on this forum managed to climb to around 100 and once - 150. Today it went back to normal for a while, then got slow again. Sometimes EXTREMELY well-seeded torrents get to maximum speed, but it slows down all other connections so much that most web pages don't load at all, which never used to happen before.

I ran virus and adware scans - they did find some things, but removing them doesn't seem to have helped. And, what's even more puzzling, all other types of connections seem to be working fine at normal speeds, but BT is slow - even the throttling test (ran that too) shows a reduced speed, but no throttling.

UPDATE: There also seems to be something really strange going on - sometimes a small torrent would show a download speed as really high (say, 150 kb\s), but the remaining time as something insanely long, like two weeks.

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