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It wont update trackers


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I have a problem...

When one file is downloading, and if i start some other one it wont update its trackers.

That red arrow appears and error (tracker offline). But if I exit utorrent and start the other file first, it updates its trackers.

Somehow i think that utorrent is limiting my bandwidth even if it doesn't go full speed, cause internet is super slow, it takes a lot of time to open google and everything else even if utorrent is working on 4kBs

I use Windows XP SP3

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ok ill try. i hope that wont limit my down speed now.

thx =)


i changed it back to 8 and its still the same.

On start I started 4 torrents at the same time and 2 started and 2 reported tracker offline.

And if i stop this 2 that r running, and restart utorrent the other 2 will work...

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