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uTorrent stops accepting connections after a while


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I'm running uTorrent via Wine on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 on my seedbox (no port forwarding required). My port remains open for a few days but then it seems to stop accepting any connections.

I've tested this via telnet to my port:

user@SERVERADDRESS:~$ telnet localhost 34117


(Never connects)

However after looking at the results from running netstat, uTorrent seems to still be listening on the port:

user@SERVERADDRESS:~$ netstat -pl

tcp 0 0 *:34117 *:* LISTEN 31747/wineserver

As soon as I restart uTorrent everything is fine again...

Any ideas?

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np :D kk lets see, indeed 11813 shouldn't have obvious problems... but if you want to make sure it's uTorrent update to the current 12323 1.8.1 beta... they only recently fixed some problems with half-open connections, causing Windows to become unresponsive between 5 minutes or indefinitely due to incorrectly identifying connection states.

So if it was a problem in Windows, I'm assuming (it'd be worse in) WINE is also affected.

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