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All torrents gone? :o

Double Trouble

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Today I had som explorer trouble so I rebooted my computer and when I got back in to Windows and opened up uTorrent I see that there are no torrents or lables there. So I went in to Application Data\uTorrent to see if everything was still there - and yes it was! So now I'm even more confused? All the torrents are in the correct folder, so why can I not see them in uTorrent?

I had a back-up of that folder. But it changed nothing. All that remains in uTorrent is the RSS-feed and its setting. I tried re-installing uTorrent but it didn't help!

What should I do to get things right?



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If you didn't save resume.dat and settings.dat in Application Data\uTorrent folder before your computer crash/reboot and you restart uT after that, files are blank now... :/

So you need to reload each torrent manually and choose their dwl location.

If all your torrents or large set have the same dwl location, use auto-reload procedure (see FAQ).

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