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Blocked listen port


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I recently signed onto talk talk as an ISP and they provided me with a router. The problem is that utorrent and other bit torrent software such as this keeps telling me that my port is blocked and that the router is causing it. We've tried calling talk talk but they say that according to the specifications of the router that we have entered ourselves there shouldn't be a problem. This doesn't change the fact that our max download speed is about 3kb/s though it does vary between 3 and 0.2kb/s. According to the ISP our connection speed is max 13mb but should be at least 8 even on peak times, we've checked firewalls/cookies/forced encryption and all that and changed the ports that are being used but nothing seems to work. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

(bit comet says blocked listen port, the others just say not connectible)

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When you open the port, choose TCP protocol (UDP is not necessary but you can add it too), and enter the local IP of your computer connected to the router (see Task Bar in Windows).

In addition, uncheck "random port after each restart" in uT Settings.

And in Speed Guide, select the upload rate close to yours.

To finish, look at your firewall to control if the rule is OK for uT.exe (true port, in/out connections not blocked etc).

If that doesn't work, maybe your ISP firewalls p2p application.

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