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I have a Getbyte acct (uTorrent WebUI) and am having trouble seeding my own torrents.

I've downloaded uTorrent 1.8 Stable and the latest version on WebUI

I've ftp'd the files to the seedbox but I don't know how to direct it to the files

There are no FAQs or Guide and as of this time ... i think their support s***s

I AM able to use uTorrentHandler to download torrents and direct them to the box though :)


1) All the torrent folders need to be uploaded to the root directory

2) The torrent for the upload needs to be placed in the Autoload folder

3) For torrents you are downloading, you can use the uTorrentManager to move it to the acct

Although everything is fixed, I'm not sure about the support yet. It took almost 6 hours after a ticket was created to get it fixed.

Hopefully, this will be able to help the next person with the problem.

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