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Yeah, so these are going to be a fairly straight forward questions, possible even dumb ones. I'm a smart guy, I'm simply new at this whole thing.

1. When downloading a single file at a time only (e.g. 705 MB), does this take up little or lots of MY bandwidth?

2. And what about for uploading content (same scenario) does this take up a lot of MY bandwidth?

3. How can the bandwidth consumption be compared to as if I were performing any other action online?

Much feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Not dumb questions...but they prove you have not read very much on what you have begun!

First find out how what bandwidth is and how much you control.

Next google away:

"utorrent faq"

"torrent faq bandwidth"

"kb/s conversion cable"

Know that if you are using a router and or software firewall you will be pulling your hair out unless you FIRST do much reading on configuring any torrent client.


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