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help alsoo poor downloads??


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i to have been using utorrent for years without an issue i recently installed it on my daughters pc upstairs to but no i cannot get it to download i tried everyting ive managed to get mine to download at 15kbs but my daughters is on 0.3 kbs im trying to downloda a 4.78 gig file so this is gonna take weeks to download on mine i have the tick and the port saya=s its open my daughter has a red circle and the port is not open

is it possible to download on 2 pcs at the same time my daughter works off my wireless internet

help pls this is very frustrating

i have also restored my pc but still doesnt work1

i used to get speeds up to 100 kbs

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If you run 2 uTorrents on the same internet connection at once, they have to share the total download+upload available. Upload being the more critical of the 2.

2nd link in my signature is for choosing uTorrent settings based on UPLOAD bandwidth available.

1st link in my signature is for general troubleshooting...such as red light in uTorrent. It also lists information we'll need to help solve your problems.

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