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Restarting Torrents after Location Inaccessible


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I use a network drive at home for my file storage etc. which includes my torrents and what they're downloading. My network dropped out this morning which made uTorrent give an error message "location not found", fair enough too. I got my network back up and restarted the torrents, one which was completed checked the files and then happily went back to seeding as it should. The other torrent I had going which had downloaded about 1gb of 6gb, went back to 0% and started from the start! In the general tab at the bottom it notes that its downloaded 1gb, but shows only 0% progress and that it's starting again...

I'm not too fussed about the 1gb of lost downloads (although it'll affect my ratio...) but if I have more serious torrents running and my network drops out (which happens occasionally), I don't want to lose their progress...

Any ideas?

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