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How much will the mac version be like the pc version?


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I've heard that the mac version isn't really a port of the pc version but a new program.

I really like the feature set and UI on the PC version from what i've seen (it's very similar to Azureus, which I now use). I'm hoping that the mac versoin is going to be mostly the same and it isn't going to something thats like an Xtorrent clone (which is what I heard ). What features are going to be the same, and what will be different? are there going to be any missing features?

Also what makes µtorrent so great is the back end stuff, which results in really fast dl and favorable peer selection. Will the mac version be based on the same code and algorithms, or will it be based on some other code, which might not perform as well?

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It's a UNIX-compatible port of the Windows µTorrent core with a UI written from the ground up, and is not based on Xtorrent or Transmission. What will or won't be the same isn't finalized, but you can be sure that the more popular features won't be left out.

At any rate, http://mac.utorrent.com if you want to be notified of a public beta release.

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if things haven't been finalized then I'd like to voice my opinion about what is important to me so that maybe you will take my thoughts and the thoughts of others who post here into consideration.

the things most important to me are:

1. The ability to set the priority on individual files and only download the files I want;

2. the ability to adjust the maximum upload and download speed on a per torrent basis.

3. a UI that gives much detailed information in as the Pc version including:

a. a file view that gives progress bars that indicate what pieces in what files have been download ( not just the percent).

b. a peer view that shows what pieices are available from each peer in a large easy to read format (not a little square, like xtorrent or transmission), and a shows what the upload and download speed is for each peer.

c. a piece view that shows what blocks are being downloaded for each pieces, the speed, and peer contributing it.

d. a transfer view that gives us the elapsed time, time remaining, download speed, download limit, upload speed, upload,limit, seeds in swarm, contected seeds, peers in swarm, contected leechers, and share ratio.

I'd like the UI to be as similar to the PC version as possible but as long as it has all the features i mentioned above I'll be happy

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