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Speed drastically reduced in past few days


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My speed on a well seeded torrent eg new episode of a tv show used to be at around 300-500 KB/s but the past few days using similar torrents its at around 10-50 KB/s.

I've checked my settings and they seem all good eg. net max half open at 50, I've downloaded the patch, the port is open, connected to many seeds (60 or so), speed test gives me around same results as they used to.

The only thing I can think of that is left is that AOL (UK) have throttled torrents or capped my speed. I had a talk with them and this is what they said:

"They could have the throttle on the protocol but we cannot tell from here, but they wouldn't have an overall speed cap on your Internet connection. and i'm afraid we don't offer support for people haivng slow speeds using peer to peer software."

What does this actually mean? From what I've told you is it likely that AOL have limited by speeds?

Is there anyway to get around this?


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AOL probably gets internet service through "Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services" who cripple BitTorrent traffic to hopelessly slow speeds. :(

Reduce net max half open back to 8...or even as low as 4.

Also vastly reduce the number of per-torrent and global max connections.

Use the 2nd link in my signature as a guide. NOTE: It's upload max based! ...And there's no sense trying to upload much faster than you're really getting, it just makes download speed lower and may also cause web surfing lag and timeouts.

Disable Resolve IPs (right-click in the PEERS window on an active torrent)...that creates more connections costing uTorrent some of its download/upload speed.

Disabling DHT (both kinds), LPD, and even UPnP/NAT-PMP may also improve download/upload speeds slightly as well.

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