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WebUI saved files to System32 - Folder/Files not visible when viewed


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This is really odd, I just installed WebUI and was using it just fine, but then I went to go retrieve my saved files and I saw that I had no idea where WebUI was saving them by default (though I have my default directory set but I didn't see the files there)

When I right click -> open containing folder I get the message

C:\Windows\System32\FILEFOLDERNAME\ can not be accessed at this time with a long message about how it maybe on a network drive or no longer available.

Yet if I click on Open file in the Files tab in the torrent manager the file opens.

If I go directly to C:\Windows\System32\ where the opened file says it is currently located I do not see the file, and have it that my folder shows system files and hidden folders.

This is the oddest thing I've seen and I have no idea how to fix it.

any suggestions?

edit note

Also doing a search on the computer for the filename returns no results...

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I have a media box that I submit torrents to remotely using the webui through firefox...

i see what the problem is though now, it tells me its saving them in my system32 folder but there are really being saved in WOW64 folder, still i don't see what I need to do to stop this....

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I just ran into a similar problem, but with the main client rather than the web UI. I had been defaulting torrents to save to "C:\Users\[ name ]\Desktop", but a small batch I opened last night(in the same way I always do, Open, Enter, Open, Enter, so I wasn't paying much attention) apparently decided the path preceding the filename was "". Not seeing the files saving in the expected place, I right-clicked and selected Open Containing Folder, which brought up an Explorer window with my files saved under C:\Windows\System32, and then went to bed. Getting up today I tried moving them out of the folder, but it tells me they no longer exist.... though I can still open them within that System32 folder. Based on the initial poster's comment about not seeing them there, I opened the folder manually through another Explorer window and don't see the files in the same place I'm being shown them on the other window I have open, and am thus thoroughly confused. Using Win7 64-Bit public beta build 7000, uTorrent 1.8.1.

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