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torrents by email attachment - take 2


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Ok... I'm going to post this again, since someone decided to douche my original post and toss it in the trashcan without actually READING WHAT FEATURE I WAS ASKING ABOUT, and blindly pointing me at the WebUI feature which is nice, but not applicable for this purpose. I'm not so shallow as to request a feature without exploring existing options.

I'll quote my original request below. Keep in mind that the reason that I'm making this feature suggestion is that the WebUI feature does not work from a Windows Mobile device. My device has both IE Mobile and Opera Mobile installed and WebUI does not function correctly on either.

My request is to be able to allow be to send a .torrent file from my device to my uTorrent installation via e-mail to start automatic downloading. I can browse torrent sites and download torrent files just fine on a mobile device. The issue comes in delivery of the torrent file to my home PC. I don't think a lightweight, retrieval only, POP engine would be difficult to write in. I'm not asking for a full-featured client, but just something that can check an address dedicated to nothing but emails with .torrent attachments, ignoring all others. It doesn't even need a frontend for the user. Just default to load the attachment straight into uTorrent using default folders for downloading.

Any other suggestions would be welcome instead of a "No." without offering any constructive advice.

Thank you to those that actually read my request and would like to help.

If possible, a lightweight POP client would be helpful. As I stand now, I have a dedicated email address for my TorrentBox/Media Center PC. I have uTorrent set to pick up TORRENT files automatically from a folder and start downloading. I then configured a copy of Thunderbird with access to the mail account, and an automatic attachment downloader that dumps into the folder that uTorrent watches. This actually does work, but it's a little roundabout to get the job done.

If a client could be put in, that would be awesome. It might also be needed to have uTorrent to look at a custom text string in either the subject line or message body to prevent being abused by spammers.

The reason I need this is because I do a lot of searching for torrents from my WinMobile SmartPhone. If tack on a torrent file I download while I'm out and about, I can attach it in an email and send it direct to my Torrent Server at home, and on some better seeds, it's waiting in my completed folder when i get home.

That'd be fantastic to have it all integrated instead of piecemeal.

Thanks in advance for your time

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uTorrent is nothing more than a bittorrent client. I don't think they trashed it without reading it. If you want a flexible client with plugins Azureus would certainly work... I'm guessing they might have a plugin which allows a customizable pop client, why not?

Point being, There is the auto-load folder if you can have/get access to the machine remotely... and the WebUI for direct importing of the TORRENT file, both allow you to do what you want. It's not going to get a POP client small or otherwise.

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Ok... then is there a version of the WebUI that will work on a Windows Mobile device? Something similar to the Vista widgets? A standalone application that interfaces with the WebUI interface without going through a browser? I've been looking through the WebUI forum, but haven't found anything that works so far. If you know of another option that I missed, I'd certainly appreciate a suggestion.

I've tried the iPhone interface, but that doesn't work right under OperaM or IEM. I see that there used to be some compatibility with previous versions of the WebUI, but that is has been broken with the current version. I'm still searching, and I'm subscribed to this thread, and I'll keep checking back.

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<title>µTorrent Uploader</title>



<div id="token" style="display: none;">##TOKEN##</div>

<iframe name="dummy" src="about:blank" style="display: none; width: 0; height: 0;"></iframe>

<div class="cont">

<form action="./?action=add-file" onsubmit="return (!!this.torrent_file.value);" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" target="dummy" id="add_file">

<label for="torrent_file">Torrent file:</label> <input type="file" name="torrent_file" /> <input type="submit" value="Add File" />


<hr />

<form action="./?action=add-url" onsubmit="return (!!this.s.value);" method="get" target="dummy" id="add_url">

<input type="hidden" name="token" value="##TOKEN##" />

<input type="hidden" name="action" value="add-url" />

<label for="s">Torrent URL:</label> <input type="text" name="s" /> <input type="submit" value="Add URL" />



<script type="text/javascript">

var token = document.getElementById("token").innerHTML;

document.getElementById("add_file").action = "./?token="+token+"&action=add-file";

document.getElementById("add_url").token.value = token;




Something I just threw together. It uses a minimal amount of JavaScript, so it should work on most browsers.

Save this as index.html, zip it up in a file called webui.zip, and replace the official webui.zip (no other way to do it as is). Using this, you basically get the upload form so that instead of mailing yourself, you can upload the file directly to µTorrent.

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What phone? Go to WebUI forum, all about WebUI sticky... and try them out is all I can say. There's FlashUI, plaintext mobile, graphical mobile, etc. . . and this nifty one-click adder http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=38228

Edit: Ultima and the HTML beat me.. I'm guessing that code does most of the bookmarklet stuff while still incorporating the token_auth should it be enabled on the remote end?

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EXCELLENT! This is exactly what I was looking for. It has worked wonderfully! Thanks for your assistance. I can't code myself out of a wet paper bag :P

Edit: Oh... And for the record, I'm using an AT&T Tilt (HTC8925) with unlimited internet via Edge or 3G, so when the mood hits for me to get something, this is the way to do it.

Edit #2: I'm also going to post this to the WM6 WebUI thread (Giving proper credit, of course) for others that might need just this function as well. Thanks again. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=362509#p362509

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