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Web Browsing Dead or Extremely Slowed: Network Issue with several node


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Ok, so a very complex issue that I've been browsing as much as possible to fix. I recently started my COMCAST cable connection 16mb line. I tested at 16.5mb dl and 2.5mb upload, WHILE torrenting on both nodes.

I have a Linksys Wrt54G-TM Beta @Home Router. Port forwarding has been provided for both torrenting nodes in my apartment. I have forwarded through both firewalls and the router.

My personal computer is working fine, with great upload speeds (50-90kB/s) and moderate downloads (10-200kB/s weighted towards 10-40kB). I can browse when both nodes are running, but slowly. My green check is working and I personally use uT, AVG Internet Security & Norton System.

My roommate is using BitTorrent and I've forwarded his line and adjusted his upload/downloads to mine, however whenever his node is running, our entire network is bogged down to hell. He can't browse the web at all, google is it and it takes a while to open. But I can, and some others can access port 80 services, however slowly (my computer runs almost fine, but I can tell the network has a load on it.) He runs AVG and windows firewall.

His download speeds are generally faster, however I attribute this to individual trackers and the torrents he is downloading, and as we all know, each tracker/torrent is hit or miss on speeds (IF this is not so, please direct me how to ensure maximum seed connections, I generally see 200 seeds, but only connect 2 to 20, while still offering significant uploading speeds). And he also has more seeds connected usually. My computer is vastly superior in hardware though.

None the less, our browsing capability is terrible while torrenting, and when he shuts his node down, speeds resume to lightening fast for the rest of the network (wireless). I am generally hardlined into my router, but I checked and wireless was just as fast when I pulled my cat5 out. My computer does not get as slow as everyone elses for some reason. His ping is 2.6s, but doesn't load any pages. I doubt my ping is that high, but i can check when i get home.

I have 600 max global, his is at 250 now, and 100 upload. 150% upload ratio setting. We have DIFFERENT ports assigned for our clients (i'm around 65000, he is around 24000).

I don't know what else information I can give off the top of my head, but let me know if you need to know anything else. Thank you so much!

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Same uTorrent build? (Alt-H-A)

Same settings for Speed Guide (Ctrl-G)? max_half_open ? features en/dis-abled (DHT LPD)

Note when you try both at once you have to run with less than half your expected upload as connections could pile up... the 100 KiBps upload is OK as long as you really can sustain 220+ KiBps when only one of you is running.

If you're not getting higher than consumer cable speeds... perhaps it's time to call them up and ask for escalation until you get to someone who will talk to you about traffic shaping/manipulation during peak hours ... not just someone who will reference http://help.comcast.net/content/faq/Frequently-Asked-Questions-about-Network-Management since it's VERY likely they manipulate "business" connections more than consumer for their SLAs for QoS purposes.

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Ill post in a couple hours when I get home, but he uses Bit Torrent, I use uTorrent... most likely the most recent builds of both.

I haven't edited either of our half open connections yet, and not sure if that would help/hurt. I've hit 200kB/s download while uploading at 150kB/s while he had about 150dl/70up at the same time... so I can see us hogging bandwidth, but our connection is 16mb.... so....

And I rarely have as many seeds as I'd like, but TONS of leechers, almost 5x or greater leechers than seeders,and similiarly his node. But he has more seeds than I.

Since he isn't downloading anything important, could you offer me proportions to set up for an avg 16mb line? I'd like to limit his since when we turn his client off the network runs fine, but with both of us, its screwed. Its definitely something on his end. Any suggestions for Up/Down limits for both machines? And # of connections?

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It's not 16 Mbit you need settings for, it's 2 Mbit :P Bittorrent doesn't care how fast you download... it's how effective you are at uploading to others. I'd say you can split that up into 80 slots TOTAL, so among both of you if you get 60% and he gets 40% that's 48, and 32. Divide that into 4 slots per torrent, that's 12 and 8 torrents active maximum @ say 20 connections per torrent with 240 for you and 160 for him total...

It all depends on what you want. Are you able to sustain that much single upload. Comcrap has speedboost, which buffers a certain amount of data every X interval. General settings when it's expected there's 1 client on the internet connection which I recommend are @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

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Ok, so i set my settings and I can browse just fine, I need to play with his computer now...ugh. Is this problem related to both maximizing download speed and allowing our web to work? Or solely for _______? I'm looking to truly maximize d/ls for my computer since I'm a madman, but he doesn't need anything special, as in 70/30. We have 3 to 4 other wireless users from any given moment as well.

EDIT: DHT / LHP are both enabled. 8 half open connections. Further, it appears that comcast does throttle during peak times as i ran a bandwidth test and, surprise surprise, i'm only getting 330kb/s whereas last night at 11pm or midnight, it was 2.6mb/s. So I will probably leave his settings on peak usage and adjust mine remotely from work so I can maximize during off-peak. This should fix our browsing problem right? Since everyone browses during peak hours on my network, I sure hope so. I've adjusted to 1/2 the pitiful 320kb/s settings.... /cry.

I'm going to check with comcast in a couple minutes and see what they say about peak hour stuff and also if the HTTP has sped up for everyone. If so, I'm leaving settings, if not...i'm coming to cry more :P.

Thank you so very much for taking your time to help me!!!!

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