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Request : Inplace download button/option


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I think it would be useful to have a toolbar button called "download/seed inplace''

when click it would bring up a 'browse folder dialogue box' to locate the torrent then it automatically place the download file in the same folder

I have a few... Doco's and i have them in individual folder with links,pdf, covers,avi and torrent file -- It would be so simple to reseed them from where ever I had shifted them too ,if all that was need was to click a "download/ seed inplace " button and browse to the torrent file and click 'ok'

*the program would assume the torent and the file where in the same folder

I hope you will consider this idea , thanks

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It wouldn't be adding anything new - It would just be lazy person's shortcut

you can already from the load new torrent button browse to the torrent ,and then select where (browse to) where you want to put it .

maybe a check box on the "load new torrent" dialogue gui - 'check box' to place file in folder with torrent , would do

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