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Error msg: Error can't open torrent file .............. ?


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I'd like a spot of help here please:

I usually have about 50 torrents earmarked for dwnld & therefore visible in the dwnld pane. I add to these, or make changes by "adding torrents", or by rightclicking & perhaps pausing or stopping or allocating bandwidth.

When I exit Utorrent, or encounter the occasional crash, or maybe my AV decides it needs to re-boot the system (Win XP_SP2) ............. most of my dwnlds cease & disappear from the dwnld pane & show up in the "inactive" pane bearing the error msg above.

So far the only way I can get them reactivated is to first remove the inacvtive torrent file, & then add the torrent back.

This is painfull & lengthy.

How do I prevent thuis behaviour if I need to exit the program or close my internet connection?



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As you suspected I am sure; "the file path does not exist" when I try to "open the containing folder".

I can't understand this, because obviously, when opening a torrent, I navigate to the folder containing all my "proposed Utorrent dwnlds".

Surely the program knows this & why would the path link disappear when I exit Utorrent?

I don't know what else to say that might help, but I am very tired of repeating the time consuming reloading of torrents.


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I'm not exactly sure what your question to me is.

But as I have said the error message in the status column is:

"Error can't open torrent file"

Now as to where the program thinks the torrent files are stored I am unsure, but under Preferences:

I have entered a folder for "proposed downloads",

And the "move completed downloads" also shows a folder: "Completed dwnlds".

Does this help you & answer the question you asked me.



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