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Autoload - check for torrents more often (not only on startup)


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  • 3 weeks later...

Sometimes it takes longer to open a torrent file. It seems to me that the process check the folder, and attempts to load any torrent files in there. If, for whatever reason, it is unable to load the torrent, the torrent doesn't get loaded until the next update.

I used to have a script which checked the mininova RSS feed and downloaded torrents to the "in" directory. Occasionaly, utorrent would ignore torrent files until the next time the script downloaded a torrent. The best way to handle the glitch via FTP is to upload the torrent, check to see if it loads, and rename it if it doesn't.

Perhaps this shouldn't be a feature request, but rather a bug report... perhaps it is? :)


After checking the features of the new beta (1.4.1 build 411) I'm guessing it was a known bug which has been addressed. :D

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