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What causes overhead? I thought that setting my upload speed lower would stabilize the download speed but it still jumps going up as high as 1.6MB/s(my maximum download) and going as low as 300kB/s. I tried setting at at 40 but that doesn't help.

My maximum upload speed is 185kB/s but I've seen it go up to 300 once in a while.

Here are the settings I'm using btw:


I'm using 23 because my browsing gets slow if it goes over 20(30+).

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TCP/IP connections have overhead as a prerequisite for staying connected.

So too is bursty speeds -- as you have no control over who exactly is uploading to you at any given moment...or how fast they're uploading.

You can set a max download speed too in uTorrent...although uTorrent will exceed that often by up to ~10%. :(

1st link in my signature is for troubleshooting, and tells you what information you'll need to give us if the problem isn't solved quickly.

Lastly, are you getting any LOCAL peers? These can ignore your download/upload max settings entirely unless you tell uTorrent to limit them as well.

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