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Anyone with WIN XP with SP2" with a "disconnecting problem"-check this


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Well-tjeck this out guys:

Release Notes


Microsoft-Tcpip Max Connection Fix sp2



Windows XP Hotfix KB893066

Tcpip.sys update set to 10 connections per second

This is a fix for the problem in windows XP SP2 where only 10 connections

per second are allowed by the operating system.Thats bad for Peer 2 Peer.

This torrent contains a fixed tcpip.sys Set to 600 connections per second.

This file should ONLY be used with the final release of SP2

First you will have to boot into safe mode (press F8 at boot)

Then run the install.bat which will put the file in the right place

for you. Then reboot normally for changes to take effect.

Or use the patch: Tcpip Maxconnection Patch.ex

What do you think about that??

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Whoever wrote that text is wrong - there is not a connection limit, there is a half open connection rate limit. And secondly, there is no "per second" limit. And setting it the limit to 600 is pointless/stupid. And it has nothing to do with being disconnected.

The 10 conection limit is for _half open_ TCP connections, not those that have managed to connect. You are unlikely to run into it unless the tracker sends you a handful of IPs that you are unable to connect to. And when/if you _do_ reach the limit, these requests aren't dropped, they're put into a queue and slowed down.

uTorrent can tell you the number of Half-Open connections in Help...Show Statistics. Right now I'm at 40 connections. The number of half-open connections? 0.

When you reach the limit, Windows makes a note of this and you can find it in the Event Viewer. They show up as Event 4226. If you see an extremely large number of these and they are all recent you should consider patching tcpip.sys to a more reasonable number.

The lvllord patch mentioned by chaosblade is the best, you don't have to boot into safe mode, and it sets the limit to a much more sensible 50 connections.

I wouldn't trust a random EXE setting the limit to a huge number and accompanied by a blurb of text that was written by someone who doesn't understand the limit.

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Also, as per the uTorrent FAQ.

Does µTorrent work well on Windows XP SP2 systems with an unpatched TCPIP.sys?

Yes, as of version 1.2, µTorrent will do 8 connection attempts by default to work with the 10 connection attempt limit on these systems.

However, you are likely to get better performance if you use this patch, especially if you are having problems (such as trackers timing out when they're actually online). If you would still like to patch it, you can do so with LvlLord's Event ID 4226 Patcher:

However, you should never set it higher than 100!

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