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Utorrent does not obay global upload limit.


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I use the latest utorrent version and I have a problem with it: I set the global upload limit to a certain value (say...8Kb\sec), but the utorrent client does not obay my limit.

I mean that when I set the upload limit to 8Kb\sec I sea the utorrent client u\l at a rate of 12-13 Kb\sec (and sometimes more...).

If anyone have a tip on how to deal with this problem I would love to hear it.

My general settings are as follow:

1. Windows XP SP2 - fully updated from microsoft site.

2. Kasperski anti virus.

3. Latest utorrent client available.

4. 1.5MB d/l and 128KB u/l spead on a cable connection (using XP`s L2TP dialer).

5. connection setting at utorrent: global connections - 128, max connections per torrent - 77, u/l slots per torrent - 4, MAX active torrents - 3, active d/l - 2.

the problem occures when I try to set the global u/l limit both by right clicking the u/l status bar or setting it through the preference menu.


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