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Alot of peers are connected to me!! but im not uploading to them. help


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well. as the post suggests. one of my torrents has about 100 peers connected to it.. but nothing is going up to them..

i mean if i have an excess of 100 peers.. shouldnt the upload speed be fairly higher then 0??

on the other side. i have torrents wih 1 or two peers. and they are uploading with 5 to 10 kbs..

please help. is there a way to open that specific port? or fix it so it starts uploading?

or is it in fact that all of theese people that are connecting to me, are not using any of my uploading capacities

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If you look at the Peers tab, are all the peers @ the same % as you? That's one reason you wouldn't upload to them. Others usually include problems with your line due to ISP interference, which doesn't appear to be the case.

(Larger note, checking Availability on the General tab, you cannot download/upload any more when Availability * 100 = your % )

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ok.. didnt know what you meant with the last message. but i checked the peers percentage. and all of them are diffrent. some have 10% and others 97% anyways. it ranges between these numbers.. my download is finished. and in my opinion should be uploading.. but its not.... =(

cant be my isp or my port... as the port is open. and i talked to my isp a couple of days ago, when i was initializing a new router, becous the old one was defect. they assured me there was nothing wrong with my line.

so the "problem" persists.

with the "" i mean that this is the only torrent with an eccess of 40 peers connected. the other torrents i have, have one or more peers.. but never accede 4 peers.

also... im noticing im not experiencing a high speed when upploading. it seems the max speed i can get is, about 20 kbs...

this offcourse may mean that i dont have that many "popular" torrents... but still. is this a known problem? and do you wise people have any suggestion to a man searching the secrets of the torrent ? ^^

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