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Port "missing" - Can't change portforwarding


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I am a bit new to this, so bear with me if I am asking dumb questions.

I am having a strange trouble regarding port forwarding that I do not get!

The hardware involved is a Vaio laptop running MS Vista and a Netgear wireless router connected to the net via 100Mb/s fibreconnection.

When shutting down and rebooting my computer the server IP-adress for the router alternates between .2 and .3 as end number in the IP-adress. This used to mean that everytime I restarted the computer I had to log in to router and change the IP-adress for the port forwarding to make the port forwarded correctly. A bit irritating, but not big problem.

But a couple of weeks ago the system crashed, and when I had rebooted and logged in to the Netgear router, the custom service "Utor1" handling the forwarding for Utorrent had disapeared. This means I can't change the IP-any more. But it seems that "Utor1" only disapeared from the list. Not from the router, because if I try to add a new custom service namned "Utor1" it states that this is already in use and cannot be created. But there seem to be no way I cant get to it to manage or delete it.

This means that the forwarding of the port is locked to the .3 IP-adress. So now I have to reboot the computer until it uses that IP. Then the forwarding works fine.

I do not know if this prolems comes from the computer, the router or Utorrent. All help would be appreciated.

I can think of possible solutions, but since I am new to much of this I would like to get some hints on the best way to solve my problem.

My 3 possible solutions are:

1) Find a way to stop the system from alternating IP-adresses and always use .3

2) Reinstall Utorrent

3) Reinstall (or at least factory reset) the router.

Are there any other way? For example a way to find and get the custom service "utor1" back on the list. Or can I use another name than Utor1 to forward a Utorrent port?

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