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Deleting files


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I'm downloading a 9 gb torrent...it consists of around 45 files....i'm giving priority and downloading them in order...problem is i want to delete the completed files or move them as soon as i finish watching them...though the download is not over yet...u see it will obviously give error file missing...but is there a way to go about it....please reply asap..i'm doing this deleting work only to save space on my pc!!! :/

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If you just want to move them continuing to run the torrent, right click and change the location folder for moved files.

If you want to delete them in order, try this:

Stop the torrent after you used the complete files

Delete the files

Go to Files tab and choose "Don't Download" for the deleted files

Force recheck

Restart the torrent

uT will ignore deleted files and continue to dwl the rest.

Anyway remember it's not the best way to use Bitto and have a good upload speed fot the other peers...

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