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low ul speed set on individual torrent


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I have been asked to start a new thread on this...

I have just discovered an interesting bug. It seems to be on the same lines as the above posted topic.

In preferences I have global upload and download set to maximum.

I also have it set that when a torrent reaches 200% it reduces the upload speed to 3/kbs.

In Scheduler I have limited the upload speed to 10kb/s.

I have 2 torrents seeding and I double clicked both. (at the moment the scheduler is on limited)

The 1st one has reached the 200% and is running at 3kb/s - as it should be.

The 2nd one hasnt yet reached 200%, so should be set to zero(?), even with the sheduler limiter.

However it is set to 2kb/s!

I disabled the scheduler to see what would happen.

And both remained at their individual max upload speeds.

Is there another setting in preferences that I have missed?

I had to manually change it to zero.

Also at no point have I manually gone in and changed these numbers... (before resetting it to zero)

I have no need to change the individual upload speeds.

Thanks in advance


Since I encountered this problem, it hasn't happened again. I am unable to recreate the error either.

I am thinking it is more likely a glitch.

If I get any more information on this I will let you know.

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