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Problems with port forwarding


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Tried many things but still saying "Error! Port 26631 does not appear to be open". When I had XP It worked fine.

uTorrent: v 1.8.1

Firewall/Router: Linksys WRT54G v5, firmware 1.02.5

OS: Vista Ultimate 64bit

ISP: Atlantic Broadband

What I had done:

Disable UPnP port mapping in utorrent and router.

Disable NAT-PMP port mapping in utorrent.

Added utorrent to windows firewall.

lowered connections as far as 5.

Added the same port number in utorrent and router under appication and gaming.

Need anymore info let me know.

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UPnP? Its under Preference -> connection. I dont know whats AV is but Im guessing anti virus protection software. Im using AVG and a-squared. As for firewall I have the router and windows firewall. I didnt understand your last question but I added port number in windows firewall for utorrent TCP-in and utorrent UDP-in but It didnt work.

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