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I'm seeing this problem across the board on the torrents I'm downloading. There might be 300 seeds, but I"m only connected to 8-10 of them, and out of 850 peers, I'm only connected to 18 of them. My download speeds never seem to break 50kB/s. Is there something I need to change to allow me to connect to more peers and seeds? I've used the setup guide, configured my upload speed correctly, I'm running a router with UPNP and the green light is on in Utorrent so I know traffic is going both ways. The encryption is enabled (and allowing legacy connections). My ISP is not shaping or denying bittorrent traffic. I'm pretty new to all this, but I think I've done everything I could think of (or find).

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Upload limit 41.0 kB/s

Connections per-torrent: 40

Maximum Active Torrents: 3

Upload slots 4

Connections Globally 100

Max Active Downloads 2

Measured Speed:

5609 kbps down and 425kbps up

I have noticed lately that my download speeds reach up to about 100kBps now, but I'll notice that some torrents might have 200 seeds and 400 peers, but I'll only connect to 15 seeds and 23 peers (just for example).

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Your settings match very well with your connection's measured speeds. :)

There are reasonable limits in how many connections uTorrent should be making per-torrent, ESPECIALLY if you don't have a 10+ megabit/second download connection!

If you're not uploading to a peer, it's also not likely to be uploading much to you...so making lots of connections to peers you cannot upload to...actually decreases effective download and upload speed.

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