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Please help! starting torrents after they have been stopped


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I have the same problem, but the above explanation is not at all clear to me.

I want to restart seeding a single rar archive which I uploaded earlier. I had to stop seeding due to ISP up/download limitations but now I want to restart the seedind. Only, so far I can't manage without also downloading my own file.

Please help...

(I re-edit this post since I am not allowed to post a new one in reply to my first post)

Problem just solved:

from the help files:

"Loading torrents in µTorrent

Loading a single torrent is simple enough provided you know the location of the original .torrent and the files. Most clients store all the .torrent files in some folder, so you'll have to find that if you have no other copies of the torrents.

1. In µTorrent, click File > Add Torrent (no default save)

2. Browse to the .torrent and load it

3. Browse to where the files are located and select the folder. "

Great forum, great software!!

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